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Who we are

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aWONDERLAND is a big data analytics company serving agriculture, environment, energy, finance and other industries through satellite and meteorological big data collection, processing, analysis and visualization systems.

Our team members graduated from University of Oxford, University of New South Wales, and China University of Geosciences. They have worked in well-know agricultural companies, energy and supply chain sectors, research institutes, banks, and agriculture department in the government. They have rich experience in big data, deep learning, and agriculture.


aWONDERLAND uses satellites and drones to collect real-time data and integrates information through image analysis and deep learning algorithms. In addition to data support and management-level services, aWONDERLAND helps customers standardize production, achieve traceability, and improve food safety.

Our Service

Crop management


 Crop growth monitoring

Growth period estimation

Crop yield prediction

Pest control


Pest and disease warning

Plant protection solutions

Field management


Calculation of planting area

Crop planting field planning

Environment monitoring

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Early detection of wildfires

Forest growth monitoring and prediction



Infrastructure monitoring in energy extraction and storage

Agri-financial service

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Accurate assessment of the insurance targets, extent of disaster, premium rates


Accurate yield and risk assessment

Quantitative basis for agricultural credit

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